There are many souvenir shops in Parga and the advice is to shop around and compare prices.

One of the most unusual and stylish is ONAR, situated on the harbour front, which has a great selection of ceramics and silver.

Gold & Silver: Greece is renowned for it’s jewellery designs and a piece of wonderfully crafted gold or silver is a perfect reminder of an enjoyable holiday.

Embroidery: There are quite a few shops in Parga that sell hand made embroidery and knitwear. Most of it is made locally and is very intricate in design.

Ceramics: For many years Greek ceramics and pottery have been famous throughout the world. Why not choose one of the many wonderful pieces that you will find at very reasonable prices.

Herbs: A good idea for a small gift is some of the local, dried herbs.

Drinks: There is a local ouzo factory up the road towards the castle. However ouzo is not the only drink offered there - they also make and sell brandy, koum kouat and cherry liquers. You can even sample some of the drinks before you buy them.

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